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Our clients are asset owners, occupiers & managers. We provide services to optimise portfolio performance of some of the most valuable property & infrastructure portfolios in Australia

Australia's leading independent portfolio advisory



Whether B-P is providing Acquisition, Development or Operations advice our core principle is client first. While we have long standing relationships with Australia leading contractors or managing agents, we only ever work directly for the portfolio owner or occupier as we believe in true independence. Established in 2014 we have extensive experience in both new and existing assets, our people have learnt Trust and Independence are the key to a long-term client relationship. In the world of AI, we also believe that client-owned data is paramount, as such we provide an unapparelled level of transparency, issuing all raw data back to clients and through our partnership with Build-Apps | . We often are the torchbearers for digital transformation.


Our Approach

We are 100% committed to buildings, we can give you the information to optimise the performance of your portfolio

Our offering

Our expertise is offered with innovative technology. Services are client focused with emphasis on ensuring client value 


Our Team

Our building performance specialists give unrivalled analysis and advice across our Acquisition, Development or Operations advisories


Engage our services 

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